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--Winston Churchill

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lunar Attraction: The Look of Armani Prive 2010

Scarlett Johanson looked positively angelic at the recent premiere of Iron Man 2 and I couldn't help but compare her elegantly architectural and luminescent dress to the full length one Jennifer Lopez wore to this years Academy Awards. I quickly realized the reason they reminded me of one another is because they are both from the 2010 Armani Prive collection, which features dreamy yet structured designs inspired by the moon."It's about the moon," explained Giorgio Armani before his show. "I always need a hook to get into a collection, and that was it—thinking about something romantic and dreamy, far away from our everyday life. Something less harsh." The lunar references, he pointed out, were poured into luminescent fabrics, curviform cutting, embroideries made to look like the craters of the moon.

Amanda Seyfried also wore an Armani Prive dress to the 2010 Academy Awards. I am incredibly drawn to this collection and am amazed at the intricate and delicate beading on all the pieces. They are a work of art and are truly out of this world.

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