"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

--Winston Churchill

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Style: Seeing Stripes

Today I decided to mix and match my little cropped band jacket over a large striped shirt (both H&M) and pair them with black trouser shorts for a hot weather work look.

I mixed gold with silver, pairing my silver fringe necklace with the gold accents on my band jacket.

To echo the gold and silver contrast with my necklace and jacket, I decided to pair contrasting gold and silver rings.

If you live in the area, Ashland has an amazing little resale shop called Avant Garb where both the shorts and the striped shirt are from. It is one of my favorite stores!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kristin's Eclipse Promotion Style

I never thought I would dedicate a post to the often frumpy and uncomfortable looking Kristin Stewart, but lately while promoting Eclipse she has vamped it up and pulled several impressive looks together. Here are a few of my favorites:

My number one favorite, I love love love this beautiful metalic Oscar de la Renta dress! She even managed to polish the look off with clean hair and a smile!

I love this tweed and organza J. Mendel dress. Very fashion forward but ladylike.

I don't know what is hotter, the men on either side of her or the body hugging Herve Leger number Kristin is sporting.

I love the zipper accents on this color block Versace number. The ankle cuffed tough sandals complete the look.

Kristin pulls out the show stopping glamour in this avant garde Marchesa dress. The look is risky, but I think she pulled it off. The swept up hair helps the dress remain the focal point.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Antique Treasures

This weekend I did a little antique/estate sale shopping with my sisters and found some amazing jewelry. Who new that the little old gold mining town I live it is still quite the treasure trove! I couldn't believe I haven't done this more before! My favorite find? 6 pairs of clip on earrings for my delicate ear lobes. I've been searching high and low for clip ons to prevent my already stretched ear lope from slitting all the way through with no luck, until now. Turns out old lady jewelry is the ticket. Here are my beautiful finds:

I paid the most for this pair of amazing green and gold clip ons. Still, they were only 10 dollars! So worth it. I've already worn them twice.

Beautiful gold with pearls. Perfect for a night out.

I love the beautiful brown gem in the middle of these earrings. They remind me of something the queen would wear.

These gold and diamond earrings look a little more modern to me. Modern as in 1920's/30's art deco instead of Victorian.

I got these at the estate sale just around the corner from the antique store we visited first. That's a little coin! These earrings were probably only 3 dollars tops.

Also from the estate sale, I was so intrigued by this beautiful and intricate gold ring. The design almost looks like a bunch of gold tentacles intwined within each other.

Doesn't this necklace look like something you'd find in a treasure chest? I can't wait to wear it!

Last but not least, I loved this long, layered gold chain necklace. I'm going to double wrap it with whatever I wear. My favorite part is its versatility.

If you're in the area, make sure to stop by Jacksonville's Pickety Place, where I found a lot of my little treasures. The store is filled with all kinds of neat things, but of course I immediately narrow in on the jewelry. Here are some of the necklaces there...

...and some beautiful broaches. I could go crazy in that store!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day: Day to Evening Wear

Today is Father's Day, and I wanted a look that would transition from church in the morning to dinner out at night. I thought this H&M dress fit the bill and I was happy to break it out for the first time.

When I first saw the dress by itself I wasn't so sure of it. Then I saw it belted on a mannequin and it was an aha moment! The belt pulls everything together and brings the dress to life.

I love the zipper detail on the top.

I accented the dress with my nude platform pumps, gold rings, and turquoise and gold earrings.

I'm so blessed to have an amazing dad who spoils me to death and encourages me to pursue my dreams. Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday: Gaga for Graphics

Today I decided to break in my new graphic print skirt from Target. My favorite part about it? The fact that it was on clearance and I only paid 5 dollars for it! Gotta love a great bargain.

Once again, I mixed black leather accents into the look by pairing my H&M shrunken leather jacket over my cream camisole and my leather Joey shoes.

Though this photo hardly does it justice, I love this big purple cocktail ring I got from Forever 21 last year. I wear it almost anytime I wear something involving purple.

Another one of my favorite go-to accessories is this pair of jeweled earrings I also got on clearance from Target. I like to wear them with my hair up to show them off.

Thursday is my Friday so yay for the weekend!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday: Mixing Florals

First, I have to say how grateful I am to have a job that allows me to wear whatever I want. Not only that, but I get compliments there all the time! Not everyone can say that, as I am well aware. For today's look I decided to mix floral prints by pairing this floral ruffle skirt from Target with a larger print and brighter floral t-shirt, also from Target.

I broke up the prints with this suede, studded, wrap-around belt from H&M. I like adding edge to floral girlieness with some leather and studs. I think this belt pulls the look together and makes the different patterns less chaotic.

To add some more contrast, I wore my new Forever 21 fringe necklace over my shirt. This tee was originally a crew neck but I cut the top part off to open it up a bit.

This day was slightly cooler than the warm weather we've had recently and I was glad that it allowed me to pair tights with this look, as I felt a little uncomfortable showing that much bare leg. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday: Two Tone

I decided to do my own take on the jean on jean trend by layering this cute top my lovely friend got me as a gift with my darker denim Miley Cyrus for Max Azria skirt. To pull the look together I belted it with my favorite waist belt from Forever 21.

The top is actually classic cotton, and not denim texture. I like that the print makes it almost a faux denim with the real texture being more lightweight and soft. Perfect for a warm summer day.

I completed the look with the same metallic hoop earrings from yesterday's look, a couple statement rings, and my new open toed booties from Forever 21. My description of the look would be all American with sass.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday: Blue Suede Shoes

Finally, it's looking like we're going to have a week of nice weather and today I have officially started my new summer work schedule, so I have decided to document my summer outfits for this week Monday through Friday. Here's to kicking off the summer in style!

"But don't you step on my blue suede shoes. You can do anything but lay off my blue suede shoes." --Elivs Presley

I accented this grey romper from Target with dark grey metallic accessories and gave the look a pop of color with the Steve Madden shoes.

I love the twisted back of this romper.

You might recognize these beautiful blue suede Steve Madden platform pumps from an earlier post. I mentioned that I had been wanting them and finally caved in on my trip to New York. As you can see, I am making sure to get my money's worth!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gifts for the Stylish Dad

Today marks the one week countdown for father's day which seems to have crept up very quickly. I am taking a gamble in posting this, for fear of my dad reading it and discovering my gift ideas for him, but I thought my discoveries too good to keep to myself. Both taken out of this weeks People magazine which lists dozens of father's day gift ideas under 50 dollars, I have found 2 stylish items I think my dad would rock. My dad has become quite the fashion forward hipster over the last few years which of course makes his fashionista daughter very proud and very excited to shop for him.

I was so excited to discover Out of Print clothing, which features shirts with vintage book covers that are often out of print. Each shirt is cooler and more unique than the next, and the $28 price tag isn't bad especially considering that with every shirt purchased, a book is donated through Books for Africa. Being the bookworm that he is and the owner of a publishing company, I thought this item especially appropriate for my dad. Now which one to choose...

This fedora is way too cool, and I wonder why my dad hasn't picked up this trend yet, as I think he could definitely pull it off. I feel like it is my duty to break him in by introducing him to an awesome fedora like this one. The hat is Block Headwear, and you can order by calling 212-219-2328. However, it is also available to order online through Village Hat Shop. It might be a little risky getting my dad something he never wears, but I know if he gave it a try, he would never go back.

Isn't he way too cool for school?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Perfect Ending of a Chapter, the Perfect Beginning of Another...

Last weekend was the perfect end to what felt like many, many years of school. I couldn't have asked for a better commencement and celebration. The best part about it was the fact that I was surrounded by strong, supportive, encouraging people. From the ceremony, to my party the day after, I felt so loved and supported. Here is a brief roundup of my graduation highlights:

Our keynote speaker, Ann Curry, was by far my highlight of the ceremony. Her speech was encouraging and impacting. She to me, is the perfect example of female strength and bravery. She has endured and witnessed human tragedy and hardships almost beyond comprehension and yet has come out even stronger and more determined on the other end. At one point in her speech she quoted Winston Churchill's famous words, "Never give in. Never never never never." My dad has quoted this speech to me throughout my life which made it especially impacting.

I had to document my beautiful dress and fresh hair before it was all covered up with my cap and gown, not to emerge again till the end of the day looking not quite the same.

Greeting my family after the ceremony and receiving a beautiful and large bouquet of flowers was definitely a highlight. I was so happy to have them all there, cheering me on.

My mom took on my party and made it beautiful with her floral touches and festive spring colors. She even bought multicolored paper lanterns and had my dad hang them on out on the porch. Everything about my party was perfect and beautiful. I was especially touched by the toast/blessing/speech/prayer all for me from both my parents, grandma, and my other mom Syndi. I don't usually like being the center of attention that long, but that moment was the highlight of my night, and made me feel incredibly special. The weekend was the perfect celebration/closure for my years of grueling, wanting-to-pull-out-my-hair moments and it ultimately proved one thing: in the end, it was all worth it.