"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

--Winston Churchill

Friday, December 24, 2010

Better Than Skinny

I can't believe it's already Christmas!! In light of the season and this new season of my life, I've decided to highlight the things that make me truly happy and that have nothing to do with my body and outer beauty whatsoever. When I was young and insecure from my changing body, I thought that if I was thin then I would be truly happy. I remember watching Mary-Kate and Ashley videos and thinking that if I just looked like them with their tiny thighs in their tight low rise jeans my life would be complete. I couldn't possibly be unhappy if I were thin and beautiful right? Well my friends, I became thin and my life didn't magically become perfect. I felt good at first, but as I became more and more obsessed being thin became my life and consumed me while tossing aside the things that used to matter most--including the people that mattered most in my life. Since I've gotten better and continue in my healing process, I've realized that the things that make me happiest have nothing to do with being skinny and everything to do with family and friends that love and accept me regardless of what I look like. I only hope that every person that reads my blog have people like in their life who love them exactly as they are.

Goofing off with my crazy family is better than skinny.

Hanging out with my cat Norma Jean who could care less if I'm feeling gross and having a "fat day" is better than skinny.

Getting ready with a bunch of fun bridesmaids and taking silly Myspace pics before our dear friend walks down the aisle is better than skinny.

Getting lost in painting is better than skinny.

Having a little African girl come up to me and hold my hand while walking through her village is better than skinny.

Watching hundreds of candles light up in a dark amphitheater while hearing O' Holy Night on Christmas Eve at my wonderful church is better than skinny.

Watching a friend's face when she opens a gift she never thought she would get from me is better than skinny.

Eating a delicious Christsmas Eve dinner that my mom prepared at our beautiful table with my family and eating the entire plate full instead of trying to hide the fact that I only had a few bites is better than skinny.

What is skinny anyway? Skinny should be used to describe a person truly hungry in a third world country. Skinny should describe someone in need of nutrients to feed their body. Skinny should not be used to compliment someone on their weight loss. It should not be used as a goal for someone who feels bad about their body. Skinny should not be our beauty ideal. Beauty is in health and happiness. Beauty is in all the things I posted above and all the moments you were at your happiest just being you and being with the people that matter most to you. What are those things to you? Please tell! I hope you all are having a very Merry Christmas and are soaking up all those happy moments!


  1. Beauty is laughter. Beauty is God's love for His children. Beauty is confidence in your individuality.

  2. Better than skinny? I love this post!!!

    Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

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  3. Oh what a gorgeous post. This made me so so happy...just to be ALIVE is better, way, way better, than skinny!!