"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

--Winston Churchill

Thursday, December 16, 2010

San Diego Bound

[Sweater: Free People; Jeans: Diesel; Shoes: Bakers]

Well tomorrow I am off to San Diego with my sister to be bridesmaids for the second time this month! The wedding last weekend went splendidly and we're hoping the same will be for this one. There are a few things we're a bit more nervous about that include some public speaking which we both HATE, but sometimes you gotta face your fears and things you dread deeply for friends, right? I especially can't wait to present the newly married couple with a painting I created especially as a wedding gift.

Davina, my friend getting married loves birds. In fact I'm convinced she'd marry them if Bobby (her future husband) didn't come around. Ok, maybe she's not that crazy but she is seriously obsessed with them in a big big way so I knew I had to incorporate at least one in her painting. So I stuck one on this lady's head and I think I pulled it off! I'm pretty sure Davina doesn't read my blog so I think I'm safe.

I love the back of this sweater, even if it doesn't exactly keep me warm.

I can't get over how nice pictures look when taken on a good camera. Not that my lovely friend Jessica isn't a good photographer too :)

I love my new shoes SO much that I had to give them a double photo spread. I bought them to wear in my friend's wedding last weekend and let's just say that I was lucky to have made it down the aisle in one piece. These babies are a PAIN to walk in but I can't seem to stop wearing them because they are so fabulous.

Have a lovely weekend, my friends! Look for a weekend recap and more pictures next week!

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  1. Your ability to rock heels this high is inspiring my friend. Truly, mesmerizing.