"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

--Winston Churchill

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LA Adventures

Well I never thought I'd be so happy to say I'm back from LA but after last night's flight home, I have a whole new appreciation for life and a whole new fear of flying. Ok, I'm being a little dramatic, but if you know me, you know that I absolutely hate any kind of turbulence. I'm the girl that will stay behind while everyone else is screaming their eyes out on the huge roller coaster...even if it is for "kids." So when it's involving me dangling in mid air in a little plane that I know isn't just a ride that will soon be over, a fear rushes over me that I don't often experience. We flew into a windy rain storm about 30-45 minutes from home and both my little sister Hayley and I were clutching each others hands for dear life while most of the old people around us were napping or reading their books as if nothing was the matter. I swear I looked like a zombie by the time we landed, pale and traumatized. Anyway, the rest of my trip didn't consist of traumatic events such as that one so moving on.

The Grammys was incredible. We sat almost as high as you can possibly sit in Staples Center, up steep asphalt stairs where the railway ends right before the last step up. Keep in mind that I'm wearing my sky high black platform shoes that I have a hard time walking in on flat ground so at the top of the stairs I had to literally crawl in my tight, short dress over peoples legs through our thin aisle to my seat. You can laugh now that you've gotten that visual. Other than Gwyneth who did absolutely incredible even with the ridiculous puppets, I didn't have any favorite performers. I just thought it was an all around good show with some surprising winners (Lady Antebellum beating out Eminem--heck YES!). It was a long day for us because we attended the Pre-Telecast beforehand which started at 1. But I loved rocking my little glittery dress and false lashes all day. After all, when does anyone ever get to do that?!

Here are photos of some of the highlights of the trip:

In a nutshell, my dad was sweet enough to let me drag him around Disneyland for half the day. We went on all my favorite rides including Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan. And I got to eat at the Blue Bayou for the first time! The shoes are my new flats from H&M that got me everywhere over the weekend. And The Veggie Grill is my new favorite lunch spot! Everything they serve is natural and vegan and tastes amazing! If we had one in town I'd be going there for lunch every week.

Well, that's all for now folks! I hope everyone got showered with love this Valentines day, even if you were just greeted by your cat when you got home as it was in my case :)


  1. Ummmm, I wish I woulda been at The Grammys! OMG, Mick Jagger was freaking amazing! As was Mumford & Sons! I think those were my two favorites from the night :)

  2. you are so adorable addi, for oh so many reasons in this blog, 1. your love for gweneth, and all movies actually 2. that you and your dad got to hang out in disney land, i bet this brought out the 'belle' inside of you, (im surprised im not seeing a pic of you and belle...) 3 that you are so afraid of turbulence and any roller coaster that shakes...which is totally cat like (im picturing a cat on a plane with turbulence...no bueno), 4 imagining you squeeze over people in a tiny isle in THOSE shoes in a mini dress...adorable...
    p.s. i absolutley love those new flats!