"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

--Winston Churchill

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Food for Thought


This is me and my sis Chelsea eating at our favorite burger joint down the street that officially closed today. How sad is it that when I finally find a burger place I actually like with the most incredible gluten free buns I will ever have it closes on me? Let it be known that I am not, nor have ever been a burger person. Sure I love an In n' Out but doesn't everyone? Rarely do I ever actually crave a burger and even rarer do I order one. But this place changed everything. Thank goodness they are holding onto their other location! Chels was visiting over the holiday weekend from school where she is studying to be a dietitian. I have to say it is getting more and more informative talking to her whenever I see her because of what she is learning. Shhh don't tell her but I'm thinking about interviewing her on here to get the most important diet information she has learned so far! It helps so much to learn how our bodies work and process certain foods and what happens when we deprive them from certain foods. She is who I credit for helping me come to terms with my eating disorder and who encouraged me to talk about it and get help. And now her and I have good discussions about diet, health, and people we wish we could help see the light. We also like to vent our frustrations about how messed up our culture is about health and body image and how we wish there was some way we could change it or at least make a difference. We decided the most important way to start making a difference is by contacting the magazines and even clothing companies that we feel deserve feedback and voicing our opinions both good and bad about what they are doing for women's body image. After all, we are the consumers/readers. They want our feedback! I already started yesterday and it feels good even though I know it may take ages for someone to actually read it. Thanks Chels for holding me accountable and giving me a healthy perspective on what I struggle with most. This post is for you.

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