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Friday, May 21, 2010

Carrie Bradshaw Style

My friends, the one week count down for Sex and the City 2 has officially begun and we all know that second to our excitement of seeing our girlfriends Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda again is seeing the clothes they will be wearing. The film will feature over 125 wardrobe changes and more than $10 million worth of couture and jewels, so based on those numbers, its audience is guaranteed not to be let down in the fashion department. But the best part about the fashions in the film? A lot of it is actually accessible to those of us who would have to choose between a pair of Christian Louboutins or food for several months. Yesterday's New York Times featured an article on the affordable and available fashion finds from the film.

Halston Heritage V-Neck Jersey dress (www.neimanmarcus.com)

H by Halston "Stella" shoe (www.bakersshoes.com)

Sarah Jessica Parker recently became the chief creative officer for Halston Heritage, so it is no wonder that a few Halston dresses, including this already iconic white dress worn by Carrie in the preview and many of the posters, are in the film. The dress is available on Neiman Marcus for $325. This seems steep, but compared to the designer clothes Carrie wears throughout the series and films, it is relatively affordable and widely available. What I was even more excited to discover was the H by Halston line for Bakers shoes (www.bakersshoes.com) which features the more affordable version of the glittery Halston pumps Carrie wears with the white dress. Look for the Stella shoe. Also, Steve Madden carries a pair of studded pumps that slightly resemble the studded lavender Brian Atwood pump that Carrie wears in the film (look for the Twilite shoe at www.stevemadden.com). They also have a glittery platform pump called the Caryssag that looks like something Carrie would sport down the streets of New York.

Both of these dresses featured in the film are Halston Heritage and are for sale at the likes of Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, and Neiman Marcus.

The Full (skirted) Effect

Who could forget the trademark tutu that Carrie wears in the opening credits of the series and then reappears in the Sex and the City movie? I realized that most of my favorite of Carrie's looks in the shows and the films involve some sort of full skirt. She pulls them off like few can. I was inspired by her tutu look and decided to create my own version below.

I found this tutu skirt at Wet Seal! I paired it leather accents with my shoes and jacket to give the girliness some edge. The outfit is a little bit Carrie and 100% me.

This might end up being my favorite look from the new film. I just love the fullness and drama of the skirt paired with the casualness of the t-shirt. Somehow, only Carrie can wear something as dramatic as this in the dessert and make it seem effortless and appropriate.

Once again, Carrie rocks a full skirt (in the first film) and had me drooling over the entire look. The white booties look amazing with the dramatic bubble skirt. Perfect for a day at New York Fashion Week with the girls.

Finally, as a nod to Samantha's statement ring from the first film, I wore my own flower ring to complete my Sex and the City look.

I got this ring at Fred Meyer a while back for something like 3 dollars. Ladies, you CAN achieve Sex and the City style looks without blowing your entire savings maxing out your credit card!

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