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--Winston Churchill

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

H&M Fashion Against AIDS

Another reason I am VERY excited about going to New York is that I will be arriving just a few days after the launch of H&M's new Fashion Against AIDS line, which will donate 25% of sales to HIV/AIDS awareness projects. Not only is this line for a good cause but it is incredibly fierce and affordable! The cheetah print dress above is what I want to get my hands on first and it's only 25 dollars! I first spotted the dress in the recent issue of InStyle magazine and instantly grabbed my computer to look up the rest of the line. The collection has a very exotic tribal feel but is still urban chic. Here are some of the other pieces from the collection that caught my eye:

This is my second favorite. I love everything about this dress. It looks very fresh and modern and flattering. I love the animal print accents.

This top looks like something Kate Moss would wear. It's very glam and touch without being too much. I would pair it with some skinnies and stilettos.

These shoes intrigue me because of their uniqueness and African feel. I don't know if my short legs could pull them off but I appreciate them just the same.

I've been wanting slouchy trousers this season and love these cropped ones. They look chic and tailored and can be dressed up or down. I'd pair them with a loose fitting top tucked in and a boyfriend blazer and platform pumps.

I have never ever so much as dipped my toes in the maxi dress trend (mostly because I think my petite body would look swallowed up in one and because a lot of the time they just look frumpy to me) but this dress is making me consider giving in at last. I love the sophistication of the cut and the print is stunning. Finally, a maxi dress with polish!

I'm loving this fresh and tribal twist on the studded belt!

And finally, a cute bag with a powerful slogan to put it all in.

via http://www.FashionAgainstAIDS.com/collection.html

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