"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

--Winston Churchill

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cutting Back: My Food and Money Challenge

This week has been a big wake up call for me. Now that I have postponed my journey to South Africa, I have made it a priority to focus on my health which includes my chronic stomach ailments. I have been dealing with constant discomfort almost on a daily basis and am ready to get to the bottom of it. I do realize that I definitely pulled a number on my stomach in the past when I would deprive it of nutrients and my stomach might be partially reacting to that now, but I am also convinced that I have several food allergies that might also be the culprit. That said, I have been ordered by my doctor to completely cut out at least a dozen foods from my diet for three weeks in order to see which ones I am affected by. When I was first told this and was given a list of all the foods I can't eat my initial reaction was panic. However, now that I have let it sink in and have researched foods I CAN eat and have given myself a plan to gradually ease into my new diet rather than cutting everything cold turkey right away, I am actually getting excited about the idea of solving my stomach issues and becoming more disciplined.

Ever since I can remember, I have been a compulsive person, both with eating and with money. When I'm stressed or distressed I abuse them as a way to cope. I am always battling within myself and beating myself up when I once again resort to food or spending money I don't have to deal with something. Therefore deep down I am actually embracing being forced to save my money for Africa and pay bills and finally learn how to manage my money like an adult as well as eat mindfully and more healthy. The food allergy challenge couldn't come at a better time to parallel my money challenge and I think my blog is the perfect outlet in which to document my daily/weekly goal of finding creative ways to stay fashionable and have fun without spending money, and to eat good meals in my diet.

My Kick-off plan:

To start off my new challenge, I have decided to give myself a food and a money goal to accomplish by the end of the week.

Food: Go to the grocery store and scour the isles for new and interesting foods in my diet that I can try. Write down any meal ideas that I come up with to start planning. Focus on what I CAN eat, rather than what I can't.

Money: Go through closet and find all clothing items I've been holding onto but deep down know that I won't wear again and bring to our resale shop. The more I bring in, the more credit I get which meals GUILT-FREE shopping!

I am sure I am not the only one who struggles with staying disciplined in these areas and having a healthy relationship with money and food so I would love input, ideas, encouragement, etc. Let's get this challenge started!

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  1. I am not allowing myself to shop for clothes this season because we need to save for important things and I want to have money to buy Christmas gifts. My goal is to stay positive and get creative with outfits instead of wishing I could buy other things.