"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

--Winston Churchill

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Great Food Hunt

Today I kicked off the beginning of the elimination mode for my food allergy testing. I don't want to bore my readers with the long list of foods I have to restrict myself from but to give you a better idea let me just list the ones that will be the hardest to live without:


...and the list goes on with random fruits and vegetables and fish. I have already eliminated coffee and have replaced it with chai for now. However, that will have to go eventually as well because I am not supposed to have black tea either but only green tea. Some things I just have to transition of I will be one grumpy lady. I have to say it has been an adjustment but in these last couple of days I have learned a lot about food and grocery stores. Already I feel like I have become much more informed and aware of the food we eat regularly without even blinking and what it contains. Even at our local food co-op which carries mostly natural and organic foods (I'm talking the healthiest of healthy) I read sugar or evaporated cane juice on an overwhelming number of labels. Why must they add it to EVERYTHING?!

I do have an amazing find to share with you that I discovered the other day. It was love at first taste! This yogurt is all natural and is sweetened with agave. The texture and incredibly creamy consistency was my favorite part and get this: it is nonfat! I don't really understand that but I have found a new food obsession.

The picture on top is an amazing salad I made myself for dinner. Thank heavens for salads! On Friday I plan to really tackle the supermarket and go on the big food hunt. Wish me luck!

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