"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

--Winston Churchill

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Well my friends, Thanksgiving has arrived once again. I can't believe how time flies. The frustrating thing about Holidays now--especially those centered around food like Thanksgiving--is that food becomes the main focus to me in an unhealthy way. This is leftover from when I used to deprive myself and then have crazy binges over the holidays. Somehow, even though I'm eating now and being healthy, I still feel like going crazy and eating way more than my stomach can handle on special occasions like this. I hate that my eating disorder has tarnished what used to be my absolute favorite time of the year, and still is, but with a bitter aftertaste. This year I am determined not to feel miserable during the holidays so that I can look back on these memories with 100 percent fondness, instead of the memories being partially tarnished focusing more on the food than the time with family. After all, food is meant to be enjoyed and a time for togetherness, and not another substance to be abused and used as an emotional outlet.

Every year I continue to be thankful for my family. I am excited that my sister and brother in this picture are arriving today from school up north!

I'm going to see Burlesque tonight with my sisters and a friend and I'm so excited!

I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving and take a moment to soak in all the wonderful things you're thankful for. I know it sounds cheesey, but it's important, so DO IT!

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