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--Winston Churchill

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Swept Away: Chic Summer Updos

Before attending the Audie Awards in New York last week, I decided to research red carpet hairstyles for some updo inspiration. I decided to go for the look Hilary Duff has in the picture below. I love the volume and unfusiness, yet the fact that it still looks polished and classy. Perfect for a warm night out.

Obviously I couldn't quite achieve Hilary Duff's hair perfection, but at least I achieved the look I was going for. Unfortunately, I never got a picture of the back, but like Hilary Duff's, it was a low, loose, messy bun.

Here are some other updos I would love to copy one day:

Angelina Jolie's hair at the 2009 Academy Awards was to me, absolute perfection. I only wish my hair were as luscious and that I had my own personal hairstylist that could help me mimic this look exactly.

I loved Jennifer Lopez's hair at this year's Costume Institute Gala. It was the perfect amount of looseness with the perfect amount of hair in her face. If I were do the part down the middle for an updo, this would be the look I would aim for.

Kate Beckinsale could go bald and still look gorgeous, and yet she still always manages to get on my favorite hairstyles list every time she steps on the red carpet. I love this incredibly loose, almost faux bob look here, Whether I would be able to pull it off is the question...

Similar to Kate's look above, Sarah Jessica Parker's version is a little less loose and messy and equally stunning.

I loved loved LOVED this look Blake Lively rocked in season 2 of Gossip Girl. The beautiful headband makes it look very Grecian goddess.

I don't know if my face is narrow enough to pull off this look, but I absolutely love the contrast of the tightly pulled back hair on top with the big curliness of the hair on bottom. Sarah Jessica Parker wears her hair like this on Sex and the City a couple times and I always love it. She also, has a very narrow head shape, so I think it might look better on people with longer, narrow faces.

Another Gossip Girl look, Blake Lively has also worn her hair like this on the red carpet and I am so impressed how she turns a hairstyle I used to wear as a little girl into a fresh, chic, city-worthy look.

I went for a side wept updo similar to Scarlett Johanson's above for a 1920's themed party last year.

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