"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

--Winston Churchill

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gifts for the Stylish Dad

Today marks the one week countdown for father's day which seems to have crept up very quickly. I am taking a gamble in posting this, for fear of my dad reading it and discovering my gift ideas for him, but I thought my discoveries too good to keep to myself. Both taken out of this weeks People magazine which lists dozens of father's day gift ideas under 50 dollars, I have found 2 stylish items I think my dad would rock. My dad has become quite the fashion forward hipster over the last few years which of course makes his fashionista daughter very proud and very excited to shop for him.

I was so excited to discover Out of Print clothing, which features shirts with vintage book covers that are often out of print. Each shirt is cooler and more unique than the next, and the $28 price tag isn't bad especially considering that with every shirt purchased, a book is donated through Books for Africa. Being the bookworm that he is and the owner of a publishing company, I thought this item especially appropriate for my dad. Now which one to choose...

This fedora is way too cool, and I wonder why my dad hasn't picked up this trend yet, as I think he could definitely pull it off. I feel like it is my duty to break him in by introducing him to an awesome fedora like this one. The hat is Block Headwear, and you can order by calling 212-219-2328. However, it is also available to order online through Village Hat Shop. It might be a little risky getting my dad something he never wears, but I know if he gave it a try, he would never go back.

Isn't he way too cool for school?

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