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--Winston Churchill

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mad Men Style

I just finished the first season of Mad Men and I can now say that I am officially addicted. Even though the morals are all over the place and everything is so hush hush that it makes me want to scream and punch someone, I absolutely cannot stop watching it. I find it almost refreshing to go back to a completely different era, where things we wouldn't even dream of were considered the norm, and everyday was an occasion to dress up. The costume design is exquisite and the hair and makeup is equally impressive. I already have the first 2 discs of season 2 that I can't wait to start up tonight!

I love character Joan Holloway's simple yet sexy sheath dresses. Being the confident siren, she proves that a little goes a long way. If you notice, she wears this same gold pen on a chain throughout the show and works it into every outfit magically.

Character Betty Draper's style is more elegant and refined. She paints the perfect picture of the ideal housewife at the time. Even when going to bed she always looks flawless and Grace Kelly-esque. This look is from an upcoming season and I cannot wait to see it on screen.

This beautiful burnt orange brocade dress I bought at Anthropologie years ago reminds me of something they'd wear in Mad Men. To complete the look, I'd add a pair of my new vintage clip on earrings and a pretty clutch and some pumps and I could transport myself into the show.

Unfortunately, the back is missing a button, which is why I have put off breaking it out, but watching the show has inspired me to find a solution so that I can rock it Man Men style soon!

If you're a Mad Men fan or just want to read up on the amazing style featured in the show, check out the Mad Men fashion file blog on http://blogs.amctv.com/mad-men/fashion-file/

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