"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

--Winston Churchill

Monday, March 21, 2011

Beckoning Spring




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{dress: Forever 21; cardigan: Target; belt: H&M; tights: Target; scarf: Whoops! I forgot the name of the little store in Santa Barbara; boots: Matiko via Ideeli}

Today I rang in what I thought to be the first day of Spring (only later to realize that it was in fact the second) with a very Spring-like outfit complete with florals and lace. But indeed, Spring weather did not answer to my beckoning outfit. Instead it was rain rain rain all day. Spring? Where are you? I am so ready for you now! One thing my outfit did however get me a lovely and unusual compliment from an older lady being pushed in a wheelchair by her husband in the grocery store who had her husband stop wheeling her for her to tell me she loved my outfit and that it looked like I belonged in the early 1900's. Hey, a compliment is a compliment and I responded saying I always wished I lived in the olden days, which is true.

Tonight was the bi-weekly book study I've been doing with a lovely group of girls. We've been going through Captivating and I have to say, if you're a female and haven't read it get your hands on a copy now! It is changing my life. Well I wish I could write more but my eyelids are now fighting to stay open so I'm off to slumberland. Here's hoping I'll get a little real Spring weather tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the last day before I change my URL my friends! Don't forget!

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