"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

--Winston Churchill

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Magical Night






Words cannot fully describe how wonderful my mom's 50th birthday bash was last night, but let me just say that it was absolutely magical. Of course my mom was incredibly touched and brought to tears several times. I loved seeing her feel so loved and special. Here are a few other things I loved about the night:

1.) Spending time with old friends and new. I loved having a lot of my favorite people all in one place enjoying the night together.

2.) Presenting the gift to my mom (second photo) that the 5 of us kids went in on together. We had a ring custom designed with each of our birth stones in age order. Needless to say she was choked up and loved it.

3.) Eating delicious catered food and admiring the amazing cupcake display featuring 4 different kinds of gourmet cupcakes (I tried to stay away from the cake part but ate a lot of the frosting off with my sister. YUM!) And of course drinking some delicious girly fruity pink wine. Just the way I like it.

4.) Taking in all the hilarious stories in the roast to my mom. My mom rarely tells stories from her youth, mostly because her memory isn't the greatest so I especially loved hearing hilarious stories from her crazy high school days from her amazing best friend from high school. And of course there were a couple incredibly touching and sweet speeches, one of which brought me to tears.

5.) Dancing the night away! I can't believe I'm listing this as one of my favorite parts about the night but now I can officially say that I am falling in love with dancing! It has to be with the right people (no creepy guys, please) and the right music and last night I had both. I danced so much my knees hurt and my shoes and earrings had to come off. Being a former strict non-dancer at parties due to feeling too awkward and self conscious I was quite proud of myself.

6.) Wearing my beautiful H&M dress I bought specially for the occasion. I cannot number the many times I was complimented on it but it reaffirmed how amazing it was. I felt like a fairy princess and it was absolutely perfect for dancing. Any excuse to dress up in a dress like that I'll take!

The party was just part of the wonderful weekend we devoted to my mom's birthday. Now that people have left and things are settled down, I have a feeling similar to the day after Christmas. All the anticipation is over and back to reality I go. Thankfully, I am left reminded of how wonderful great friendships and family truly are. Well, I am off to drowning my post-party blues in watching movies with Ruby and my baby sis Hayley.

Photo credit: Grace Aspinwall. I hope it's okay I stole your beautiful pics Grace!

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