"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

--Winston Churchill

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

LA Trip Prep




{tank: American Eagle; cardigan: American Eagle; shorts: Zenana Outfitters; tights: H&M; shoes: Payless}

This evening was spent in preparation for my weeklong trip to LA tomorrow! I am going down for my amazing friend Brittnee's senior art show at Biola. She's graduating in June with an art degree and I am oh-so proud of her. She'll be on Spring break so it'll be nice to just hang out and help her with any last minute prep work for her art project. On Tuesday my parents are taking her and I to a James Blunt concert! I'm so excited about that. What I love most about this trip is the fact that other than the concert and the art show I don't really have an agenda other than having fun and spending time with family and friends and relaxing. Nothing sounds better to me right now. I'm happy that I'm finally learning to live a little and stop stressing about everything which I have a tendency to do quite often. One thing I'll be bummed about is missing the royal wedding. Surely I'll be able to see it somehow, right? Let's hope so. If not, I am making sure to TiVo it at my house and plan on having a belated viewing complete with tea and girlfriends when I return. Packing went unusually well tonight. I think it was because I completely arranged every outfit so I wouldn't be stuck with a bunch of random clothing items and not knowing what to do with them. Typically, I pack way more than I ever end up using and end up wishing I had packed other things so I'm trying to eliminate the issue by planing every outfit down to the last detail. So far it has actually made the whole process easier and I actually look forward to getting dressed down there. Maybe now I won't be as tempted to shop because I have nothing to wear...

I might be absent for a while till I get back but I'll try to squeeze in a post or two while I'm down there. Now I must get my beauty rest before our flight tomorrow. Well, after catching up on Modern Family of course ;)

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  1. Yay have fun in Cali! Which sounds funny sense I actually live in Cali...

    P.S. what a smart way to pack, I'll have to implement that when I pack for New York!